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This page includes artwork that I consider to be classified as complete. In other words, more than just a sketch.

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Playing around with weird angles.  Watercolors and Prismacolor colored pencils. "The Mechanic's Apprentice." A sketch that I found floating around on my drive and decided to finish.
Anatolian shepherd.  Micron inks and Prismacolor markers. When my boyfriend pouts, he turns into a dog and sprouts disembodied wings.
Platform 5. A rough study of Kahvie's slight redesign.
For Michael, my loving boyfriend. A collection of panels from the original Kloteck Omen.
A sketch of Echo colored with Prismacolor markers. Skulldog. A thank-you gift for Keryn Everett.
"Bandito." Kahvie in Micron inks and Prismacolor marker. Drawn while listening to a guitar recording Mike made for me.
Greyscale Kahvie. Prismacolor marker and mechanical pencil.    
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